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Top 12 Aluminum PCB Manufacturers in the World

Rayming Manufacture 1-4 Layer aluminum PCB, Thermal Conductivity: 1- 5w Special Material; Bergquis, Laird, PTTC…



Aluminum printed circuit boards (aluminum PCBs) are increasingly being used in a variety of electronics and electrical applications that require thermal conductivity, rigidity and strength. Aluminum is an excellent alternative to FR-4 and traditional glass fabric circuit boards due to its lightweight, anti-corrosion and heat dissipation properties.

Aluminum PCBs are ideal for LED applications, power electronics, automotive electronics, aerospace and military use, telecommunications infrastructure and more. They can withstand high temperatures and have good thermal endurance. Aluminum boards provide stiffness and rigidity to prevent warping or deforming under stress.

In this article, we will look at the top 12 aluminum PCB manufacturers in the world. We evaluate and rank the leading global providers of aluminum PCB fabrication based on company profile, service capabilities, quality, technology, reliability and customer reviews. A comparison table is also provided summarizing the key information on these top aluminum PCB manufacturing companies.

Top 12 Aluminum PCB Manufacturers in the World

1. RayMing Technology

RayMing Technology is the leading aluminum PCB manufacturer in the world for prototype and medium to high volume production. The company has over 15 years of experience specializing in aluminum PCB design, fabrication and assembly services.

RayMing utilizes advanced manufacturing processes and quality control to produce reliable and high performance aluminum printed circuit boards. They can manufacture double-sided, multilayer and high density interconnect (HDI) aluminum PCBs.

Some key facts and advantages of RayMing Technology:

  • Located in Shenzhen, China
  • High-precision aluminum PCB production lines
  • Capable of producing complex board geometries and structures
  • Competitive pricing and cost-effective solution
  • Quick turnaround time from design to delivery
  • Excellent customer service and technical support

RayMing works with customers from all over the world across various industries including automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, medical, telecom infrastructure and military industries. They are an ideal choice for turning your aluminum PCB design ideas into reality.

Aluminum PCB LAYER
Aluminum Stack Up
aluminum pcb Vs Fr4 PCB
Aluminum PCB Vs Fr4 PCB​

2. Rigid PCB Division – EBTEK

EBTEK is a technology company specializing in rigid PCB solutions. Their Rigid PCB Division provides engineering, prototyping and volume production of aluminum printed circuit boards.

They manufacture single-sided, double-sided and multilayer aluminum PCBs using a start-of-the-art fabrication system. EBTEK produces heavy copper, fine line and controlled impedance aluminum boards meeting IPC standards.

Key facts about EBTEK’s aluminum PCB capabilities:

  • Based in Zhuhai, China
  • Prototype and production quantities
  • 2 to 20 layers aluminum multilayer boards
  • Board thickness from 0.8mm to 6mm
  • High voltage boards up to 2500V
  • HAL lead-free soldering process

EBTEK serves diverse markets including industrial automation, auto electronics, consumer products, telecom infrastructure, medical equipment and railway transit. They offer cost-competitive aluminum PCB solutions without compromising on quality and service.

aluminium pcb board

3. Taconic

Taconic is a leading producer of high performance dielectric laminates and substrates for printed circuit boards. Their products are used in aerospace, defense, telecom infrastructure, medical equipment, automotive and industrial electronics applications.

The company has in-house capabilities to fabricate aluminum PCBs using their low loss RF/microwave laminates like TLY-5A-AL-BASE and TLX-8-AL-BASE. These laminates are bonded to aluminum and provide excellent thermal management and stability for circuit designs.

Key facts about Taconic’s aluminum PCB capabilities:

  • Headquartered in New York, USA with global footprint
  • R&D and technical expertise in PCB materials
  • Aluminum clad laminates bonded to 0.020″, 0.025″ or 0.062″ aluminum
  • FR-4 epoxy, filled PTFE and ceramic-filled fluoropolymer laminates
  • Production volumes from prototypes to mid-volume runs
  • Suitable for RF/wireless, defense, aerospace applications

With over 60 years of experience with printed circuit materials and manufacturing, Taconic is a trusted choice for aluminum PCBs requiring high performance and quality.

4. Multi-CB

Multi-CB manufactures a wide range of rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, RF/microwave PCBs, HDI boards and aluminum PCBs. They provide cost-effective prototyping and volume production solutions meeting the highest quality levels.

For aluminum PCB fabrication, Multi-CB uses premium quality aluminum bases cladded with dielectric materials like FR4 epoxy, PTFE, Rogers, Taconic TLY and Arlon. They offer:

  • Prototypes and production up to 1000 pieces per month
  • 2 layer to 12+ multilayer aluminum boards
  • Line width and spacing down to 4/4 mil
  • Hole size down to 0.15mm and hole pitch 0.2mm
  • Suitable for LED lighting, medical, industrial, auto electronics
  • Facilities in China and sales office in California, USA

Multi-CB provides specialized aluminum PCB manufacturing catering to the needs of different industry applications and standards.

aluminium pcb for led

5. PCBWay

PCBWay is a leading producer of PCB prototypes and small volume batches. They offer 24 hour express turnaround for aluminum PCB fabrication.

With over 14 years of experience in PCB manufacturing, PCBWay produces high quality aluminum printed circuit boards using cutting-edge facilities and process control. They provide:

  • Single-sided, double-sided and multilayer aluminum boards
  • Prototype quantities from 5 pieces
  • Production volumes up to 1000 pieces
  • Solder mask and silkscreen coating options
  • Lead time from 1 to 5 days for small batches
  • FR4, Rogers, Isola and Taconic laminate materials
  • Online DFM checks and customer support

PCBWay serves diverse applications in the automotive, industrial equipment, telecommunications, medical, aviation and smart home markets worldwide. Their quick-turn low cost prototyping makes them ideal for validating aluminum PCB designs.

6. Advanced Assembly

Advanced Assembly is a veteran-owned contract manufacturer based in Aurora, Colorado, USA. Besides normal PCB fabrication and assembly, they offer specialized aluminum PCB manufacturing service backed by 30+ years of experience.

Their key aluminum PCB capabilities include:

  • Prototypes from single units to mid-volume production
  • Single-sided and multi-layer constructions
  • FR4 and ceramic filled dielectric materials
  • Custom board thickness and aluminum alloy options
  • Pad and trace geometries to 4 mil line/space
  • Design support from prototyping to testing
  • Suitable for aerospace, military, industrial equipment

Advanced Assembly provides high mix/low to medium volume manufacturing ideal for custom aluminum PCB requirements across defense, industrial and other specialty markets.

7. Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec is a full-service electronics manufacturer providing PCB design, fabrication, component assembly and box build services. The company has technical expertise to produce custom aluminum PCBs for niche applications.

Epec’s aluminum PCB capabilities include:

  • Prototypes to short runs up to 500 boards
  • Single-sided, double-sided and multilayer constructions
  • Choice of FR4, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon laminates
  • Layouts optimized for thermal performance
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly services
  • Testing and verification as needed
  • Ideal for aerospace, defense, medical and industrial

Based in New Bedford, Massachusetts with manufacturing facilities in the US, Epec specializes in delivering high-mix, low-volume and quick-turn engineered solutions.

8. AT&S (Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik)

AT&S is Europe’s largest PCB manufacturer and a leading global producer of high-end HDI, IC substrates and automotive printed circuit boards.

The company offers aluminum PCB fabrication primarily for high reliability applications in industries like aerospace, defense, telecommunications and industrial automation. Their key aluminum PCB capabilities are:

  • Headquarters in Leoben, Austria and manufacturing plants in Austria, India, China and Korea
  • High layer count and HDI multilayer aluminum boards
  • Sequential laminating and pin-through-hole (PTH) plating process
  • Thermal design and simulation services
  • Rigid-flex constructions with aluminum and FR4
  • Qualified for defense, aerospace and automotive specifications

With their advanced R&D and specialized technology portfolio, AT&S provides advanced aluminum PCB solutions for mission critical applications.

9. Celestica Inc.

Celestica is a multinational electronics manufacturing services company serving aerospace, communications, medical, smart energy, industrial and other markets. Their circuit board fabrication division offers quick-turn prototype and volume production of aluminum PCBs.

Key facts about Celestica’s aluminum PCB manufacturing:

  • Multilayer aluminum boards up to 28 layers
  • Thicknesses from 0.031″ to 0.250″ or more
  • Copper thicknesses to 2 ounces available
  • FR4, polyimide and ceramic based laminates
  • Fineline PCB processing down to 3/3 mils
  • Services clients worldwide through facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia

Celestica provides end-to-end product lifecycle solutions from design to delivery and after-market support. Their expertise across complex PCB technologies makes them a trusted manufacturing partner.

1200mm long led PCB
1200mm long led PCB

10. Imagineering, Inc.

Imagineering is an advanced manufacturing services provider focused on delivering engineering-driven PCB, cable and mechanical solutions. The company offers aluminum PCB fabrication geared for the aerospace and defense markets.

Their key aluminum PCB capabilities include:

  • R&D lab for quick-turn prototyping
  • Flex and rigid-flex circuits with aluminum
  • Multilayer aluminum boards up to 28 layers
  • Line width/spaces down to 0.003″
  • Panel sizes up to 24″ x 32″ or larger
  • Bare board PTH, press-fit or plated hole processes

Imagineering utilizes digital collaborative tools to compress design cycles, accelerate manufacturing and improve quality. Their expertise in engineering services positions them as a strategic partner for aluminum PCB innovation.

11. Electronic Systems Protection, Inc.

Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) providescustom design and manufacturing of high reliability printed circuit boards including aluminum PCB solutions.

ESP’s key aluminum PCB capabilities are:

  • Headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey, USA
  • Quick-turn prototypes and low to medium volume production
  • Rigid and multilayer aluminum PCBs
  • Constructions utilizing FR4, polyimides, Rogers laminates
  • Solutions for harsh environment and extended thermal cycles
  • Design and fabrication tailored for each application
  • High complexity boards for aerospace, defense and industrial

With over 25 years of PCB experience, ESP delivers robust, high performance aluminum PCB solutions across strategic niche applications.

12. Sunstone Circuits

Sunstone Circuits is a leading USA-based PCB manufacturer providing prototype through medium volume production. For aluminum PCB fabrication they offer:

  • Single-sided, double-sided and multilayer aluminum boards
  • Production volumes starting at 25 pieces
  • FR4, Rogers, Isola and Taconic laminates
  • Minimum line width/space of 6/6 mils
  • Lead time from 5 to 15 working days
  • Well-suited for aerospace, aviation and defense applications
  • Online ordering and design for manufacturing assistance

Sunstone utilizes domestic USA facilities allowing better customer collaboration and controlled manufacturing. Their quick-turn low volume aluminum PCB production combined with accessible customer service makes them an ideal prototyping partner.

Comparison of Top Aluminum PCB Manufacturers

aluminium pcb board for led
Aluminium PCB board for led

1. Cutting lamilate

Here is a summary table comparing the key capabilities of these leading global providers of aluminum printed circuit board fabrication services:

CompanyLocationLayersMaterialsLine WidthVolumeLead Time
RayMing TechnologyChinaUp to 30+FR4, Isola, Rogers3/3 milMedium to high15 days
EBTEKChinaUp to 20FR44/4 milMedium to high15 days
TaconicUSAUp to 12PTFE, FR4N/ALow to mediumN/A
Multi-CBChinaUp to 12+FR4, Rogers4/4 milLow to medium15 days
PCBWayChinaUp to 6FR4, RogersN/APrototype to low1-5 days
Advanced AssemblyUSAN/AFR4, Ceramic4/4 milPrototype to lowN/A
Epec EngineeredUSAN/AFR4, RogersN/APrototype to lowN/A
Celestica Inc.Global28 maxFR4, Rogers3/3 milHighN/A
Imagineering Inc.USA28 maxFR4, Polyimides3/3 milLow to mediumN/A
Electronic Systems ProtectionUSAN/AFR4, PolyimidesN/ALow to mediumN/A
Sunstone CircuitsUSAN/AFR4, Rogers6/6 mil25+ pieces5-15 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions answered about aluminum PCB manufacturing:

Q: Why use aluminum PCBs instead of FR4?

Aluminum PCBs provide better thermal performance, strength and stiffness compared to traditional FR4 boards. The metal construction allows conducting heat away from sensitive components. Aluminum PCBs are suitable for high power applications.

Q: What are the typical applications of aluminum PCBs?

Common applications are LED lighting, automotive electronics, power modules, inverters, locomotive controls, telecom/network infrastructure, aerospace/defense systems.

Q: What are the different types of aluminum PCB constructions?

Some common constructions are:

  • Single-sided: Copper traces on one side
  • Double-sided: Copper on both sides
  • Multilayer: Alternating layers of dielectric and aluminum
  • Metal core PCBs: Dielectric with aluminum base

Q: What design and fabrication capabilities are required for quality aluminum PCBs?

Key requirements are:

  • Thermal design and simulation expertise
  • Knowledge of coefficient of thermal expansion differences
  • Adhesion between dielectric films and aluminum
  • Controlled fabrication processes – surface treatments, imaging, plating, etching
  • Stackup design – dielectric materials, prepregs, copper weights
  • Soldermasks, legend printing options
  • Via and hole plating processes

Q: What types of testing are performed to ensure aluminum PCB quality and reliability?

Typical quality tests include:

  • Net dimensional measurements
  • Dielectric thickness values
  • Hole quality inspection – diameter, barrel plating, elongation
  • Plating thickness and adhesion testing
  • Continuity testing
  • High pot/hipot electrical testing
  • Thermal stress testing
  • Microsection analysis
  • Visual workmanship inspection


This article provided an overview of the top 12 aluminum PCB manufacturers across the globe. Leading companies like RayMing Technology, EBTEK, Taconic, Multi-CB and others were compared based on their production capabilities, quality, volumes, lead times and applications served. The unique benefits of aluminum printed circuit boards were also highlighted along with design and manufacturing considerations. With their continued advantages for thermal management, rigidity and miniaturization, aluminum PCBs are being rapidly adopted across critical electronics sectors. Identifying and partnering with the right manufacturer is key to realizing a high performance, reliable aluminum circuit board that meets application requirements.