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Why You Should Use 6oz PCB for Your Devices

Electronic devices usually find it difficult to carry high currents. However, with 6oz PCB, you will get a good solution and answer to the problem. With 6oz PCB, you will get the ideal copper thickness to serve any PCB application requiring maximum current.

We believe that after reading this article, you will understand the best possible thickness for the surface of your PCB. Let’s begin.

6oz PCB: What is this?

6 oz copper PCB has to do with a thick printed circuit board that has 6 oz (about 170-09 gm) of copper present in 1 sq ft area of the layer of the surface. This is approximately a thickness of about 8.22 mils.

This PCB is worthwhile because it carries a higher load of current. This low dielectric constant, high temperature for decomposition, and an effective cost will enhance its use in different PCB projects.

Copper thickness helps in promoting the device’s functionality via a surface that is much flatter. This means that 6 oz pcb is a very great option for PCB applications requiring high volume.

6 oz PCB Dielectric Materials

6oz pcb features some great dielectric materials. The dielectric materials offer some flexibility in the devices. All these materials offer enough dielectric strength, which helps in Let us consider these materials


This is called composite epoxy materials. This has to do with a blend of phenol, epoxy, and glass. You apply these materials in through hole technology and surface mount technology of the 6oz PCB.


This fiberglass and resin combined together. With resin, 6 oz PCB will offer impedance stability. Also, it maintains a halogen-free nature.

Fire Retardant

6 oz copper PCB features different materials for fire retarding like FR4. FR4 is seen in glass-based epoxy materials. It offers great glass transition temperature. This plays a vital role in the thermal management of any PCB application.

Once again, the PCB materials feature low harmful halogens. Asides from that, it is lead-free. The dielectric materials (FR1 and FR2) are usually phenol and paper compounds.

Is 6oz PCB Better when Compared to the Standard?

Compared to the standard thickness of printed circuit boards, its clear that 6 oz copper PCB has more superiority. These can be seen from different angles.

  • More efficiency in transferring the high current in contrast to standard PCBs
  • The thickness of the 6oz PCB offers a better and more effective mechanical strength against any external forces in contrast to the thicknesses of standard PCBs.
  • 6 oz copper PCB has a very impressive heat conduction, which is higher compared to the standard type.
  • With 6oz PCB, it is more convenient to place your components in contrast to the standard type. However, standard PCBs don’t offer enough flat surfaces for the efficient placement of components of your printed circuit boards.
  • This thickness helps in enhancing the impedance of layers of printed circuit boards. Standard PCBs on the other hand cannot enhance the resistance found between the layers.

Best Technologies for the Component Mounting of 6oz PCB

To mount the components of your 6oz PCB, you can make use of the through-hole technology and surface mount technology.

Through Hole Technology (THT)

For this, you place the PCB components lead into a hole found on the surface of the PCB. Mounting 6oz PCB with this technology comes at a high price. Also, this mounting technology has a more complicated process compared to surface mounting.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

 This technology is useful for any tiny PCB component. Here, you place the components on the pad via soldering. This ensures permanent and smooth electrical joints among the components of your PCB. This technology works great for very fast data transmissions.

Design Techniques of 6oz PCB

Before going ahead to design the 6oz copper PCB, there are some factors to consider. These include minimum spacing, dimensions, type, etc. Below are some design techniques you should work with for 6 oz copper PCB.

  • Levels of copper fill with resin materials ought to be above 75%. If this is not so, delamination occurs.
  • Make use of more copper when doing galvanic coating
  • The least spacing required for a copper foil of 105 m thickness must be 13 mils
  • The solder resists layer thickness has to have at least 0.25 mm
  • The pathway requires a minimum of 12 mils

A perfect design ensures that the electric circuit undergoes little thermal stress. This is one reason why you must take a look at these techniques before you go ahead to design your 6oz pcb.

How do you Fabricate 6oz PCB?

With 6oz PCBs, you can be sure that the placement of the component on the surface via soldering is stable. This is why you must fabricate it with care. PCB fabrication includes etching and plating.

You must cover that copper surface area you desire with any photopolymer. This serves as a form of protective layer. After this, keep the PCB in ferric chloride solution. This is to ensure that etching takes place. This solution gets rid of any bare portion of the 6 oz copper PCB.

With etching, there is a reduction in the circuit’s path width via an undercutting effect. During this process of fabrication, you cannot apply any electrostatic spray. Fill the substrate of the 6oz PCB by making use of a solder mask, after which you should apply the solder resist.

This process will surely affect the PCB’s efficiency. With the right fabrication, the 6 oz copper PCB will ensure that it works well with high-power tasks and projects.

What Type of Surface Finish Process Works Best for 6oz PCB?

ENIG finish serves as the most effective finish. This ensures that the efficiency of the copper PCB is promoted to a large extent. Also, ENIG improves the 6 oz copper PCB’s lead-free compatibility. This also helps in widening the surface of the PCB, which promotes the component placement’s productivity. You can design the PCB’s solder joints easily.

Furthermore, ENIG helps in resisting the surface of the PCB from corrosion. This gives the device more longevity.


6oz PCB is a trustworthy option to improve the performance of your device. With this, you’ll get the best possible output of your electric circuits. With the different benefits of the 6 oz copper PCB, you will surely design your superlative projects with ease.




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