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Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Prototype Assembly Specializing in small and medium runs with fast lead-times and no minimum quantity requirements

Quick Turn Prototype PCB Assembly

Rayming provide Circuit board prototype and Assembly Services with Quick delivery, Pls Send your PCB files and Bom list to,  Estimate total Cost Now !

There are many names for prototype printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. Other names you will commonly hear are: surface-mount technology (SMT) PCB prototypes, PCBA prototype assembly, PCB sample assembly, etc. The term PCB assembly

refers to a fast prototype PCBA used to test the function of new electronic designs. These help with quality assurance, verifying that there is no problem with the test product, finding bugs, and updating the design. Typically, before mass production, one electronic project will need 2-3 iterations of a SMT assembly to make sure everything is working perfecty. 

RayMing supports engineers to assemble their electronic prototype quickly and cost effectively during the whole design verification process. To ensure that the product design meets requirements, in general, we suggest 5 pcb or 10pcs for prototype assembly testing. Of course, one or two piece is also OK, so long as it can be verified.  

Why choose RayMing’s Prototype PCB assembly services?

prototype pcb assembly

1. Prototype PCB Engineering Services:

  1. Design for manufacturability(DFM),
  2. Design for testing(DFT),
  3. Design of experiments(DOE)
    ● Develop control plans
    ● Value-added engineering services

2.PCB Assembly Services:

New Product Introduction(NPI)
● SMT: Surface mount assembly, single & double-sided assembly
● Plated through-hole, Selective soldering
● Mixed technologies: SMT, through-hole, and electro-mechanical assembly

3. PCBA Function Testing: 

●Flying probe testing
● Functional testing: Board-& system-level testing,including engineering support
Circuit wire bonding
● PCBA Conformal coat (full coat or individual component coat)
● In-circuit testing (ICT): Developing test fixtures and testing (suggested building during prototype assembly)

How do we estimate the cost of a prototype circuit board assembly project?

PCBA prototype assembly

It is easy to get a quote for our PCB prototype assembly; just send the PCB file and bill of materials (BOM) list to You will get full price in 48 hours (If you need quick quote, please send your email as “high priority”). Additionally, please include the following:  

  1.  BOM list (completeinformation will get a more accurate price—Check BOM sample here)
  2. Gerber files
  3. Quantity required (To save your total cost and delivery time, we accept full BOM purchases, and partial delivery)
  4.  Special technology process requirements,if any (like Selective soldering or non-mounted)

  There is no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) limit for PCB assembly -even one piece is accepted. Moreover, all components’ price is 100% based on your BOM list. If you need an equivalent replacement to reduce cost, we must get your official approval.   Our team is qualified to manage the complete prototype PCB assembly process, which includes the sourcing of all components and their management, PCB assembly, quality control, function testing, and delivery.   

Our prototype circuit board assembly is a specialized service that enables us to take complicated designs, prepare them for assembly, and test them without your needing to worry about PCB assembly workmanship. The prototype pcb manufacturing section of our manufacturing facility has a unique layout that allows for flexible use of both automated and manual parts-loading stations. Our staff is qualified and experienced in managing fine-pitch parts and ball grid arrays (BGAs) for high-density FR-4 PCBs. Our team is capable of manufacturing prototype pcb manufacturing volumes from 1 to 1000 PCBs.  

prototype assembly

 Turnkey circuit board assembly is our primary function, even at the prototype level. We have engaged electrical engineers and have formulated effective guidelines for each step of the PCB manufacturing and assembly process, so our customers can benefit from PCB prototyping, electronic parts sourcing, and PCB assembly services. Additionally, we offer a partial Turnkey service that gives us the ability to assemble component kits as per the client’s specification.  

Our pcb prototype assembly service includes the sourcing of components. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best: layout design. We have a dedicated sourcing staff that coordinates with multiple suppliers and distributors to purchase electronic parts as per client requirements, and our staff completes these purchasing particulars in a most efficient manner. We have advanced processes for optimal selection of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, etc.) to reduce the total cost. Furthermore, we are capable of cross-referencing parts and even locating hard-to-find and obsolete parts. Customers can be rest assured that when RayMing substitutes components that they are high quality: we only use the electronic component numbers and manufacturers specified in the BOM. We will not modify your original layout design. Part substitutions take place only with your permission.

The final pcb prototype assembly service cost includes assembly labor charges, bare circuit board rates, and part costs. On our website, you can send your PCB files to get an estimate for prototype PCBs and assembly prices. Prices are based on the rates of Digi-Key, Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Future, Newark, or a particular supplier.   

We understand the importance of prompt delivery. The sooner the components are sourced, the sooner we can begin circuit board fabrication. We thoroughly evaluate engineering inquiries and concerns related to the related parts with our clients before commencing circuit board assembly. The average time taken for pcb manufacturing assembly

is two weeks, which can be further reduced if there are no hard-to-locate components or documentation mistakes.

We have specialized experts to deliver fast turnarounds for prototype circuit board assembly with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mixed-technology components. Our efficient and rapid prototyping PCB assembly service team can assemble circuit boards in as little as 72 hours.

How to guarantee high quality PCBA assembly ?

  1. IPC-600G class 2 and IPC-6012B class 2 standards
  2. ISO 9001:2008 quality system management
  3. UL certification level 94v-0
  4. X-Ray detection system
  5. Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  6. Online test (ICT) and functional test
  7. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance
  8. Request 100%PCBA function testing

Top 15 Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturers in the world

pcb prototype and assembly

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are essential components of most electronic devices. During product development, engineers need prototype PCBs to test product concepts and designs. Prototype PCB assembly combines high-quality PCB fabrication with professional component assembly to deliver fully-functional prototype boards. This allows engineers to verify that their circuit design works as intended before committing to mass production.

Choosing the right prototype PCB assembly partner is critical. You need a manufacturer capable of delivering small-batch PCB assemblies with the same standards of quality and precision as volume production. The following are 15 of the top global providers of prototype PCB assembly services.

1. RayMing PCB & Assembly

RayMing is an excellent choice for prototype and low-volume PCB assembly. Located in China, RayMing provides SMT assembly, thru-hole assembly, and mixed PCB assembly services. Their team has over 18 years of experience supporting a broad range of customers worldwide.

RayMing specializes in assembling multi-layer PCBs with fine traces and spaces, flex-rigid PCBs, and boards with 0201 components and microBGAs. Their factory is equipped with advanced Juki mounting machines and flexible Yamaha pick-and-place equipment to enable precise, reliable SMT placement.

RayMing’s defect rate is exceptionally low – under 63 ppm. This quality is driven by their selective component sourcing, robust process controls, automated optical inspection (AOI), and comprehensive testing.

Why Choose RayMing?

  • 18+ years of experience with prototype through medium-volume PCB assembly
  • Capable of assembling the most challenging PCBs
  • Very fast turnaround from order to delivery
  • Exceptional production quality and reliability
  • One-stop shop for PCB fabrication and assembly
through-hole assembly process

2. Advanced Assembly

Advanced Assembly is a veteran provider of low-volume and quick-turn PCB assembly services. Founded in 1993, they focus exclusively on prototype, pre-production, and on-demand circuit board assembly.

They deliver 1 to 25 piece SMT and/or through-hole assemblies in as little as 24 hours. For more complex boards, build times are typically 5 to 10 days. Their maximum board size is 20″ x 20″ (508 x 508 mm).

Advanced Assembly supports lead-free manufacturing and RoHS compliance. They can assemble boards with 0201 components, 0.4 mm BGAs, and microBGAs as small as 0.15mm. Reliable inspection and testing ensures the quality of every PCB assembly.

Why Choose Advanced Assembly?

  • Industry pioneer in low-volume, fast-turn assembly
  • Over 25 years of expertise supporting prototypes & on-demand production
  • Capable of assembling highly complex PCBs
  • Lead-free production and RoHS compliance
  • Exceptional build quality and rapid delivery

3. Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits, located in California, provides fast prototype PCB assembly focused on the needs of design engineers. They manufacture up to 15 pieces within 5 days and support assembly for double-sided, multilayer, flex, rigid-flex, and HDI PCBs.

Their assembly capabilities include passive and active components of any size, BGAs, 0201 chips, 0.4mm pitch QFPs, 0402 discretes, and microBGAs down to 0.40mm pitch. Sierra Circuits has over 30 years of experience delivering high-mix, low-volume assemblies.

All PCBs are assembled per IPC Class 2 or 3 requirements. They are ITAR registered and can support classified and military projects.

Why Choose Sierra Circuits?

  • 30+ years focused on prototype engineering orders
  • High complexity PCB assembly with fast 5 day turnaround
  • Wide range of assembly capabilities for challenging board designs
  • IPC Class 2 & 3 quality with tight process controls
  • ITAR registered and trusted by defense contractors
pcba box build assembly

4. Sunstone Circuits

Sunstone Circuits, located in Oregon, delivers short-run PCB assembly from their domestic factory. They manufacture and assemble prototypes and on-demand production orders with lead times starting at 48 hours.

Their assembly capabilities include 0201 components, 0.3mm to 0.5mm pitch BGAs, and ICs as large as 45mm. Sunstone supports mixed-technology assembly combining through-hole and SMT parts. They can also accommodate advanced PCBs like flex and rigid-flex boards.

Sunstone Circuits adheres to IPC-A-610 Class 2 & 3 workmanship standards. Their Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified.

Why Choose Sunstone Circuits?

  • High-quality PCB assembly with 48-hour fast turnaround
  • Combines SMT and through-hole assembly
  • Supports complex component densities and sizes
  • Compliant to IPC Class 2/3 standards
  • Delivers advanced flex and rigid-flex boards

5. JLK Inspection

JLK Inspection provides specialized x-ray inspection services for assembled PCBs. Located in China, they were founded in 2008 and focus exclusively on offering the highest precision x-ray inspection.

Their x-ray systems can inspect board sizes up to 710mm x 610mm with 0.075mm resolution. This reveals hidden defects like poor solder joints, missing components, voids in BGAs/QFPs, and improper component placement or orientation.

JLK has a wide spectrum of x-ray inspection capabilities ideal for verifying the assembly quality of high-complexity boards. They currently serve customers in the aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive, and medical industries.

Why Choose JLK Inspection?

  • Precision x-ray imaging detects defects missed by other inspection methods
  • Reveals issues with component presence, placement, solder joints, BGAs, etc.
  • Ideal for validating quality for mission-critical PCB assemblies
  • Over 10 years of experience providing professional x-ray inspection
  • Broadest x-ray inspection spectrum in the industry

6.Imagineering, Inc.

Imagineering is a US-based provider of prototype flex circuit assemblies and flexible PCBs. Founded in 1992, they specialize in assembling multilayer flex boards from 2 to 12 layers.

They accommodate high component densities with traces/spaces down to 2 mil. Imagineering routinely assembles challenging components like 01005 chips, microBGAs, and 0.3mm pitch QFNs.

Their flex assembly capabilities span single-sided to complex multilayer circuits. Rigid-flex boards with multiple rigid sections are also supported. Assemblies are delivered with quality levels compliant to IPC-A-610 Class 2 or Class 3.

Why Choose Imagineering?

  • 27+ years focused exclusively on flex PCBs and assemblies
  • Expertise with multilayer flex and rigid-flex designs
  • Skilled at high-density assemblies with microcomponents
  • Delivers Class 2 and Class 3 build quality
  • Trusted flex assembly partner of leading OEMs

7. Screaming Circuits

Screaming Circuits, located in Oregon, provides prototype and low-volume PCB assembly focused on the needs of engineers and small companies. They deliver full-turnkey manufacturing combining accessible online services with fast, high-quality assembly.

Their capabilities include SMT, thru-hole, and mixed technology assembly. Screaming Circuits supports a wide range of component sizes, densities, and complexity. They manufacture multilayer, HDI, rigid-flex, and metal core PCBs.

Their BOM analysis and Design for Manufacturing reviews help ensure manufacturability. Online assembly quoting and ordering streamlines procurement. Build times range from 24 hours to 2 weeks.

Why Choose Screaming Circuits?

  • Convenient 24/7 online services for engineers
  • Streamlined sourcing of prototype through mid-volume builds
  • Broad set of assembly capabilities supporting complex boards
  • High-quality assemblies with fast turnaround
  • Exceptional customer service and support

8. Eletech

Headquartered in Illinois, Eletech provides prototype and low-volume PCB assembly and box build services. They focus on assembling highly complex boards in 3 to 10 days.

Eletech’s quick-turn capabilities support 01005 components, 0.30mm pitch BGAs, and densities over 60 components per square inch. Their lines accommodate advanced PCB technologies like RF boards, flex/rigid-flex circuits, and substrates up to 24″x24″.

They conduct extensive testing and inspection using 3D AOI and X-ray. Supported quality standards include IPC Class 2, Class 3, and MIL-PRF-55110. Box build services simplify sourcing complete electromechanical assemblies.

Why Choose Eletech?

  • 30+ years delivering high-mix, low-volume electronics
  • Fast 3-10 day assembly of extremely complex boards
  • Capable with challenging component sizes and densities
  • Comprehensive testing and inspection services
  • One-stop shop for PCB assemblies and box builds

9. Electronic Interconnect

Electronic Interconnect provides advanced assembly services for projects from prototypes through low-volume production. They support PCB assembly plus box builds, cable harnesses, and complete product assembly.

Their capabilities span SMT, thru-hole, press-fit, and mixed technology PCBs. Complex components including 01005 chips, 0.4mm BGAs, and microBGAs are routinely assembled.

Electronic Interconnect specializes in flexible circuits. They assemble multilayer rigid-flex boards and build complex flex cable harnesses. IPC-certified staff and selective soldering deliver superb build quality.

Why Choose Electronic Interconnect?

  • 35 years of experience with low-volume, high-mix electronics
  • Comprehensive assembly solutions including PCBs, harnesses, box builds
  • Expert at assembling rigid, flex, rigid-flex boards
  • IPC-certified staff and rigorous quality control
  • Skilled at challenging mixes and component densities
PCB Assembly Introduction

10. BESTProto

BESTProto, located in Arizona, delivers prototype and low-volume PCB assembly with exceptional quality and rapid delivery. They manufacture builds from 1 to 200 boards with lead times as fast as 24 hours.

Their capabilities include 0201 assembly, microBGAs down to 0.5mm pitch, PoP, press-fit connectors, and flex/rigid-flex boards. RoHS lead-free assembly and full design support are standard.

BESTProto’s defect rate is below 35 ppm reflecting their stringent process controls and inspection. Their expertise with innovative PCB technologies makes them a trusted assembly partner for R&D labs, startups, and engineers.

Why Choose BESTProto?

  • High-quality assemblies delivered in 24 hours
  • Leading expertise with challenging board assembly
  • Low 35 ppm defect rate; exceptional production quality
  • Complete assembly solution from prototyping to pre-production
  • Trusted by innovative companies to build their novel PCB designs

11. Quick Turn Circuits

Quick Turn Circuits provides professional PCB assembly tailored to meet tight deadlines. Located in Oregon, they deliver functional boards on extremely fast 3 to 5 day turnarounds.

Their assembly capabilities accommodate components from 0201 chips to large power devices. Quick Turn Circuits supports SMT, thru-hole, and mixed assemblies. Rigid, rigid-flex, flex, and multilayer boards are assembled per IPC Class 2/3 standards.

Their online assembly quoting and ordering make procurement fast and convenient. Their rapid builds combined with expert project management enable customers to verify designs quickly.

Why Choose Quick Turn Circuits?

  • Ultra-quick 3-5 day assembly turnaround
  • Broad component selection with high complexity
  • Streamlined online ordering; exceptional project management
  • IPC Class 2/3 quality standards
  • Enables rapid prototyping and accelerated development

12. Team Precision Circuits

Team Precision Circuits provides protoype through mid-volume PCB assembly from their plant in Massachusetts. They deliver full turnkey manufacturing combining PCB fabrication, assembly, and box build capabilities.

Their SMT lines accommodate components as small as 01005 chips and CSPs. Team Precision Circuits supports challenging technologies like HDI boards, flex/rigid-flex PCBs, and laser-drilled blind/buried vias.

Backed by over 25 years of experience, they expertly manage all aspects of assembly projects. This includes sourcing components, design reviews, strict quality control, and testing.

Why Choose Team Precision Circuits?

  • One-stop shop for PCB fab, assembly, and box builds
  • 25+ years experience with prototype through mid-volume builds
  • Wide range of assembly capabilities including HDI and flex boards
  • Turnkey project management from design through delivery
  • High-quality and fast-turn manufacturing

13. US Circuit

US Circuit provides full turnkey PCB assembly focused on the needs of engineers and startups. Located in California, they deliver fast, affordable prototypes and pre-production builds.

Assembly lead times range from 24 hours to 2 weeks. Their capabilities include 0201 chips, microBGAs, PoP, and component sizes up to 50mm. US Circuit supports all circuit board types and can accommodate high complexity designs.

Their engineering team reviews designs to optimize them for manufacturability. Assemblies comply with IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 standards. Their one-stop solution enables customers to procure PCB fabrication, assembly, and testing seamlessly.

Why Choose US Circuit?

  • Fast assembly in 24 hours with exceptional quality
  • Simplifies sourcing of prototypes and pilot builds
  • Broad expertise with complex component assembly
  • Automates DFM analysis; optimizes designs for manufacturing
  • Delivers rigorous quality following IPC assembly standards

14. 4PCB

4PCB provides advanced PCB assembly ranging from prototypes to medium-volume production. They deliver assemblies with precision quality on competitive lead times and costs.

4PCB’s SMT lines accommodate components down to 0201 size. Their capabilities span single-sided, multilayer, HDI, flex, and rigid-flex boards. Lead-free manufacturing and RoHS compliance are standard.

PCB assembly is just part of their comprehensive solutions. 4PCB’s one-stop offerings include DFM analysis, component procurement, functional testing, and box build services. Their expertise makes them a trusted manufacturing partner.

Why Choose 4PCB?

  • 10+ years focused on prototype through mid-volume assembly
  • Precision manufacturing capable of highly complex board assembly
  • Complete end-to-end services for PCB assembly projects
  • Excellent engineering support and project management
  • Competitive pricing with high quality standards

15. WellPCB

WellPCB provides professional PCB assembly catering to small and mid-size companies. Located in China, they deliver high-quality board assembly at very affordable costs.

WellPCB’s capabilities include 0201 components, CSPs, 0.3 mm QFNs, BGAs, and chip scalers. Their selective soldering handles large components up to 55 mm. Supported board technologies span from single-sided to multilayer HDI designs.

They expertly manage prototyping through pilot build orders. WellPCB is an agile, responsive manufacturing partner able to deliver even the most sophisticated board assemblies.

Why Choose WellPCB?

  • Cost-effective assembly solutions for SMBs
  • Broad expertise assembling challenging component mixes
  • Manages everything from prototypes to pilot production
  • High-quality manufacturing process controls
  • Agile build capabilities and exceptional engineering support
Low Volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer in china

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key factors to consider when choosing a prototype PCB assembly provider?

A: The most important factors are their capabilities, quality, delivery, responsiveness, and pricing. Look for a manufacturer with expertise assembling complex board designs with microcomponents. They should have excellent process controls and inspection to ensure reliable assembly quality. Fast turnaround times are ideal for verifying your design quickly. Good project management and engineering support are also valuable.

Q: What are some leading PCB assembly equipment companies?

A: Juki, Yamaha, Panasonic Factory Solutions, Fuji, ASM, and Universal Instruments are some of the top electronics assembly equipment manufacturers. They make placement machines, soldering systems, inspection equipment, and other assembly technology. High-performing equipment is essential for precision manufacturing.

Q: How long does prototype PCB assembly normally take?

A: Assembly lead times range from 24 hours for simple boards to 10 days or more for very complex designs. Typical turnaround for small prototype orders is 3 to 5 days. The more layers, components, and higher the density, the more time is required for quality assembly. Discussing your specific project with manufacturers will provide accurate delivery estimates.

Q: What are some alternatives to having my prototype board assembled?

A: Some options besides professional assembly are hand soldering the PCB yourself or using a hobby pick-and-place machine. However, these rarely match the quality and reliability of commercial manufacturing. Engineers often hand assemble a few initial boards then switch to professional assembly once the design is more mature.

Q: Does every component on my BOM need to be validated before starting PCB assembly?

A: While full BOM validation is recommended, it is not mandatory. For prototypes, some substitute parts may be temporarily used if preferred parts are unavailable. Any substitutes should be functionally similar. Manufacturers can typically procure over 90% of specified parts with their large supplier networks.


Choosing the right PCB assembly partner is a key step in transforming your design from prototype to finished product. The manufacturers profiled offer the expertise, capabilities, quality, and rapid delivery required to assemble today’s complex boards. They provide invaluable support to verify circuit designs and accelerate projects from concept to production.