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Metal PCB Capability

Providing 1- 4 layer Aluminum Base, Copper Base, Iron base PCB Manufacturing service.

Metal PCB Capacity

Metal Core PCB Capacity

Rayming Metal Core PCB Capability (Enquiry pls send to )

Item Description
1.Layer 1- 4 Layers
2.Material Aluminum / Copper Based/Iron Base
Manufacturer Ximai (China)  ; Bergquist (USA)
3.Final Thickness 0.02″ – 0.18″ (0.5mm- 4.6mm) tg130° – tg170°
4.Surface Treatment Regular Lead: HASL
Lead- free: Lead- free HASL, ENG Gold; OSP, Immersion silver
5.Max/Min Board Size Min: 0.2″x0.2″  Max: 43.3″x19″
6.Min Trace width/Min Clearance

0.5oz: 4/4mil

1oz: 5/5mil

2oz: 5/7mil

3oz: 7/8mil

4oz: 10/10mil

7.Min Hole Ring

0.5oz: 4mil

1oz: 5mil

2oz: 7mil

3oz: 10mil

4oz: 16mil

8.Copper Thickness 0.5oz- 4oz
9.Min Hole size and Tolerance Min hole: 30mil (Final Thickness 0.5mm- 2.0mm)
45mil (Final Thickness 2.0mm- 4.6mm)
Tolerance: PTH±4mil, NPTH±3mil
10.Thickness of Plating Layer HASL:
Copper Thickness: 20um- 35um Tin: 5- 20um
Immersion Gold:
Nickel: 100u”- 200 u” Gold: 2u”- 4u”
Hard Gold Plating :
Nickel: 100u”- 200 u” Gold: 4u”- 8u”
Golden Finger:
Nickel: 100u”- 200 u” Gold: 5u”- 15u”
Immersion Silver: 6u”- 12u”
OSP: Film 8u”- 20u”
11.Solder Mask Color Glossy: Green, Black, Red, Yellow, White, Purple, Blue
Matt: Green, Black
12.Solder Mask Resolution Solder Mask Thickness: 0.2mil- 1.6mil
Solder Dam: Green 4mil/Other Color 5mil
Solder Mask Hole Plug Diameter: 10mil- 25mil
13.Silk Screen Color White, Black
14.Silk Screen Size Min Width: 5mil; Height: 24mil
15.Testing Voltage Testing Fixture: 50V- 300V Flying Probe: 30V- 250V

CNC Tol: ±5mil

V- CUT Tol: ±5mil

Slot Min: 40mil

Angel: 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°

17.Bow and Twist ≤1%
18.Accept Standard IPC Class 2; IPC Class 3; ISO9000

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