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What is Shengyi PCB ?


Shengyi is China’s leading producer of copper-clad laminates. Its products are used in the manufacture of single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer printed circuit boards. Laminates and Assembly Material are manufactured by the company. Guangdong Shengyi Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. has been based in Dongguan since 1985.

Shengyi PCB

In recent years, a new family of laminate systems has been developed to meet the increasing physical demands of enduring Pb-free soldering processes used in the assembly of RoHS-compliant products. With reflow temperatures peaking at around 245°C, many of the materials have been found to perform satisfactorily for consumer goods. High-end PWB designs for telecommunications and IT equipment, on the other hand, are usually more complex, heavier, and therefore have a significantly higher thermal mass than commercial products. To add enough heat to allow satisfactory solder reflow of surface mounted items, the temperature of the printed wiring board will exceed 260°C. When you consider the size of the board (which is normally double-sided assembled) and the need to be able to repair boards, boards may experience up to 5 thermal excursions up to 260°C during their development cycle, with a total time of 2030 seconds over 255°C. Laminate structures need to be able to tolerate cumulative thermal exposure without corrosion or delamination while still possessing predictable electrical properties.


  1. Excellent tracking resistance,CTI≥600V
  2. UV Blocking
  3. Good PCB processability
  4. Not recommended for solder mask rework
  5. Lower Z-Axis CTE for improved through-hole reliability
  6. Excellent Mechanical processability and Thermal Resistance
  7. Lead-free Compatible & CAF Resistant

Application Area

Applications of Shengyi PCB Material 

shengyi s1000h material pcb

Instrumentation for computers

Shengyi laminates can be used on various electronic and mechanical instrumentation printed circuit boards. Aside from the monitor, It is also useful in computerized environments such as machine motherboards and VCRs.

Communication Devices

Shengyi laminations may also be used on printed circuit boards, which are used to manufacture various forms of communication devices. It is one of the structural elements of mobile contact systems like cell phones.

Video Game Machine

Shengyi laminates can also be used on gaming consoles such as play stations and other video game machines. It is useful when designing automated devices because it protects them from the impact of smoke, flame, and water. Aviation Company Shengyi laminates are essential components of the machines used to power aircraft in the aviation industry. It entails using Shengyi laminates on printed circuit boards on planes to power the devices.

Board for testing heat resistance

PTH and HDI pcb for three separate thickness printed circuit board designs used for this heat resistance analysis. Drilled through holes on the BGA coupons are 0.35mm (.014 inch) and 0.30mm (.012 inch) in diameter. Three coupons have a via to via spacing of 1mm (.040 inch), 0.8mm (.032 inch), and one coupon has a via spacing of 0.65mm (.026 inch).

Thermal via coupons have drilled via holes with diameters of 0.35mm (.014 inch) and 0.30mm (.012inch). Three coupons have a via to via spacing of 1mm (.040 inch), 0.8mm (.032 inch), and one coupon has a via spacing of 0.65mm (.026 inch). There are BGA arrays with 20 holes x 20 holes and thermal through arrays with 10 holes x 10 holes.

Advantages of using Shengyi PCB Material

Here are many advantages of utilizing Shengyi PCB laminates throughout the course of your working life. Here are some of the benefits that you would get from using Shengyi laminates.

Free of lead

It is one of the best laminates you will use and it does not contain lead, which is very dangerous. Aside from that, Shengyi laminates are the most environmentally conscious laminates due to their absence of lead.

Excellent heat resistance

Shengyi laminates can often last a long time because of their capacity to survive high temperatures.

Through-Hole Reliability is Excellent

You can also drill through holes in Shengyi laminates very quickly and with no tension. It facilitates the correct assembly or installation of various components on the printed circuit board, making work easier.

Water Absorption is poor

Shengyi laminates may also be used on printed circuit boards for appliances that operate in rainy environments. Owing to the low rate of water absorption, it is capable of resisting water and therefore preventing water absorption.

Shengyi s1000h Laminates with High Performance

On the other side, we have the high-performance Shengyi laminates, which is the high-performance FR4. The high-efficiency Shengyi PCB Material Laminates can be used on several layers printed circuit boards. It has extremely high glass transformation temperatures, which improves both its stability and efficiency. The high output can be seen on high-frequency printed circuit boards.

When using multilayer printed circuit boards, you can choose high glass transfer temperature epoxy Shengyi s1000h laminates. It is very rigid and can work well in applications that are subjected to extremely high temperatures without causing harm. Besides there are Shengyi s1141 and Shengli s1000 too that are making their demand in the market day by day.

How many different types of laminates can Shengyi Laminates offer?

Shengyi laminates manufacture a variety of laminates of varying properties. You can choose the appropriate kind of Shengyi laminates based on your application requirements. Here are the major varieties of Shengyi laminates from which to select.

  • Shengyi Laminates FR4
  • High-Efficiency Shengyi Laminates FR4
  • Epoxy with a high melting point Laminates by Shengyi
  • BT Epoxy is a form of epoxy. Laminates by Shengyi
  • Polyimide is a kind of polyimide. Laminates by Shengyi
  • Clad in copper Laminates by Shengyi
  • Shengyi Teflon Laminates

Comparison of copper-clad Shengyi laminates and polyimide Shengyi laminates

shengyi s1141 laminate PCB

Shengyi Polyimide Laminates

  • Polyimide Shengyi laminates can be used on high-density, multi-layer, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards.
  • It is the best kind of Shengyi laminate to use if environmental conservation is one of the top priorities.
  • Furthermore, Shengyi polyimide laminates have excellent mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties.
  • This kind of Shengyi laminate can be used in specialized applications such as aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, and the automotive industry.

Shengyi Laminates with a Copper Clad

  • Copper clad Shengyi laminates with wood pulp paper.
  • Glass fiber as primary reinforcement materials are an option
  • It is also a Shengyi laminate that can be used in high voltage printed circuit boards.
  • Copper-clad Shengyi laminates have excellent physical, electrical, chemical, and scale properties.

Properties of Shengyi PCB Material  

Constant of Dielectric

You should consider the capacity of the Shengyi laminates to withstand various environmental pressures, such as vacuums. It is necessary to remember that the dielectric constants of various Shengyi laminates vary.

Factors of Loss

In this scenario, you can consider, among other things, the potential of the Shengyi laminates to lose electric current. For better results, you should always consider Shengyi laminates with very low loss factors.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Conductivity is a term used to describe the capacity of Shengyi laminate to conduct heat away from the PCB. It must have the required materials to withstand and draw heat away from the laminate.

Temperature of Transition

You should also be aware of the temperature range at which Shengyi laminates can acquire or lose specific properties. With this information, you would be in a great place to choose a Shengyi laminate that meets the design needs.

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (CTE)

 In addition, you must understand the degree to which a substance may stretch when heated.

You would be able to determine the right heat levels or working conditions for your Shengyi laminate of preference.

Electrical Performance

You can also compare the Shengyi PCB laminates’ ability to conduct sufficient electrical current. The better the electrical efficiency, the better the Shengyi laminates of choice in this situation.


To understand the operating heat levels, it is essential to decide the levels of flammability on the Shengyi laminates. This implies that any heat thresholds or flammable limits must never be exceeded by your Shengyi laminates.

Resistivity to Volume

It is also important to measure the Shengyi laminates’ tolerance to leakage and seepage. Your Shengyi laminates should meet international volume resistivity requirements, avoiding leakage.

Thermal Characteristics

Thermal conductivity must be tested by examining how well the Shengyi laminates conduct heat. In other words, as you transfer heat over the Shengyi laminates, you can examine their properties.

Peel Toughness

In this instance. You will conduct checks on the Shengyi laminates to assess the Shengyi PCB material’s bond power. That is implied. You’ll see how well the Shengyi laminates adhere to the printed circuit boards.

Flexural Stability

Flexural intensity can be determined by observing how much Shengyi laminates can flex without splitting. It can help you realize the boundaries of how much you can stretch the Shengyi laminates without splitting them.

Absorption of Water

You should also be aware of the water preservation aspect and how effective Shengyi laminates are at preventing water leakage.

Surface Resistance

Surface resistivity measurement entails measuring the electrical resistance of a set length of Shengyi laminates. In this situation, physical measurements such as diameter and thickness would not be taken into account during the testing period.

Resistance to arcs

You will monitor the time required to render Shengyi laminates conductive under low current arc or high voltage conditions here. In other terms, it is the strength of laminates to withstand the behavior of high voltage electrical arcs.




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